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Zara was a special skydiving friend of mine.  And one of the most incredible people I have ever met. She was the first of many things in skydiving to me.  She was the first skydiver I got to know that was not from my DZ.  She was the first person to visit SDD to jump with me.  She was on the first video of me sit flying.  She was the first skydiver that I really dated.  And on July 4th, 2002, doing what she loved best, on jump #201, she became the first person I knew personally that died while skydiving.

She was a very special person.  I miss her everyday.

 I feel graced to have known her.


Zara was as a free flyer, she loved to joke about belly fliers just for fun, but she did RW at Caddo Mills all the time.  Here she is on exit.  


    then kicking back in free fall  

I loved her goofy hat, she always skydived wearing this hat.  

We tried a few cool skydives, this is her and some friends of hers in Salado


and these are from SDD



Click here to see a video of this jump it is Zara, Julie and me, Crazy Larry did the video for us.  We rolled a sit train over backwards then forward, it was a blast.  We tried several times to exit with me on my back and her surfing on my stomach, it was incredible fun, but we never did really get it so there are no pictures, but I can still see it.


Blue Skies Babe.

loved every minute.