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This page is where all the video from the site is in one place so if you are looking for something, this is the place.

All you have to do is click on the video you want to see, just hold the mouse over the picture for a description of the video.


This is Lesa, Rob and me on a simple hybrid jump it was a blast.  Lesa is in blue, Rob is in red and I am hanging.  Smithers shot the Video.


Left: Lesa, Rob and me on a jump,  This video was shot by Dave Smithers.

Right: Lori, Brett, Shelly, Julie and me on our George Harrison Memorial Jump.  Crazy Larry shot this video

This is Lori, Brett, Julie, Shelly and me on a hybrid jump.  Crazy Larry shot the video.


All kinds of stuff from June 7th.  Fresh shot the video.  Al, Fresh and me pass the noodle.

Left:  June 7th video.  Al, Fresh and I pass the noodle and my 200th jump is on this one.  It was a tandem.  Video by Fresh.

Right:  Zara, Julie and me playing with a Sit Fly Train.  We roll it both ways.  Crazy Larry shot the video.

Zara, Julie and me doing a sit train jump.  Crazy Larry shot the video.

Wes's first static line jump.  It was fun watching someone start skydiving

Left:  Wes on his first static line jump.

Right:    Low pass on the first day in the new hanger at Caddo Mills.

Portman doing a low pass on the first day in the new hanger at Caddo Mills.



Left:  Robin on his 13th jump.

Right: Shayne and Brett getting 7 people through a hoop.




This is the raft dive we did at the  2004 Skyfest.   Shayne, Erika,Jim,Lesa,Al,Beth,me,Brett and someone I don't know



Left:  Raft dive from Skyfest 2004 that ended up on the 2005 SIM.

Right:  Al and Lesa jump together for the first time, and I got to go watch.



Lesa, Al and me on a jump.  Jay S. shot the video.