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This is my friend Shelly, on the left, she is very nice and tons of fun to hang out with.  I have been lucky enough to go on several skydives with Shelly, she is way better than me but lets me try to skydive with her anyway.  Really it is not like I am in the way, I can't keep up with her.  I did my first real sit dock with Shelly.  I don't know exactly how many jumps Shelly has, but I went on her 400th skydive and I know she did her 500th so I would say over 500. 

This is Shelly, Jon and Julie.  Getting mentally ready for some serious skydiving. 





This is John and Shelly, she is on the right.

Shelly and Julie tried perfecting a team exit, they have practiced it many times and pretty much have it down.  There is screaming and running involved.  This is how it looks just outside the door.  After that it pretty much just goes where it goes for a second.

This is a pretty good shot

of Shelly and  Julie again, they used to jump together a lot.  This looks less clear than it was, there is, of course, really a hole in the clouds right under them.

Shelly is also on one of the hybrid jumps on the video page, The George Harrison one, well the exit and the end anyway, we were sort of flailing to much to think about docking on, heheh sorry Shelly.