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Robin started skydiving at SDD.  I met him while he was in AFF and we have jumped a few times together, in fact I went on his very first fun jump with others after he got his license.  We took him on a hybrid jump with two belly flyers, he was one, someone hanging off their chest straps, a sit flyer and a belly flyer (with weights) were in the air around us too, not a bad first fun jump, Welcome to the Dark Side Robin.

This is Robin's first jump. He did it at Skydive Dallas, with Jim and Mandy.  Then we got to watch his progress as a new  skydiver,  how cool that  was for us.  He is going to be fun to play with.           

This is his 13th jump relaxing in the air a bit and then, a little AFF style delta tracking 


Here is Robin's video of that same jump it is pretty much the entire AFF curriculum in one jump then a little mantis thing at the end, good job Robin. 

See the jump here in       broadband  or in   56K.

Robin and I did our night jumps together at Caddo Mills (now North Texas Skydiving Center).  It was fun as hell, we barked at the moon.