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Perris Valley Skydiving

This is from the first time I went to Perris.  Check out the dust in the background.

This is the biggest DZ I have ever been to.  It is really fun.  I was lucky enough to jump there on two occasions.  They have a Skyvan and two Otters.  I did several jumps there, all from the Skyvan.  My friend Larry works there now (check out his page on this site) in the Riggers Loft. 

This DZ has everything, a pool, a bar, a restaurant, a wind tunnel, two AFF schools, Square One and lots of landing area.

The second time I went there I hit a Dust Devil while under canopy, I do not recommend that.  If you see one do whatever it takes to not be in it, you are just as well off heading downwind into a hanger, at least then you know what will happen. 

Still near death aside, what a fun place.