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(photo by Geri) 

Crazy Larry

Crazy Larry is one of the truly talented skydivers.  He is pretty much a mentor for me, I have learned many things from Larry, the most important thing I have learned, from his example, is that there is always something else to learn.


This is Larry, Julie and me just before boarding the plane.




Larry is one of my very favorite skydivers and one of my favorite people too.  He skydives like the


 rules of gravity don't apply to him, check him out.  Here is he and Julie doing a sit fly train.  


 Here is Larry just playing in air a bit.

Here he is acting like Superman

Larry was the fastest man in Texas in 2001, he won with a speed of 260mph.

A Down Plane in Houston


Here are a few pictures of Larry at the 2001 Para

Performance Games.  First a couple of cool swoops.  


(photos by Jason Peters) 


                         (photo by Craig O'Brien)                                      (photo by Jason Peters)

Then a little celebration.


Larry putting his Sabre 120  in a deep stall.   He just has to be going backwards and notice the pilot chute over the nose.

Ok one last thing, Larry working on a version commercial I am sure you all saw.