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Caddo Mills / North Texas Skydiving Center

Caddo Mills is a blast.  I like the people there and the jumps are cheaper than anywhere around here.  They are good people, and the DZ has a very raw feel.  I have jumped there several times now, including my two night jumps for my D license. 

What an easy target huh?  The DZ is the building on the right  side of the Triangle in this photo.  I think each runway is like a mile long so you can see that there is plenty of landing area.

If you are one to get thirsty, bring water, there is nothing there but planes and hangers.  Actually there is an airport office with vending machines and a place for real food that is only about two miles away.


This is Larry Portman, he is the guy that runs things in Caddo Mills.   He is also one of the Tandem Masters there.  That is Grover behind him, his 182. 

This is the new hanger on the first day we jumped into it.

They tend to cater to company and love when people drop by.  You will feel at home in just a few minutes.  They are small and usually only open on Saturday but it is a great place to spend a sunny Saturday.

The DZ here is located in Caddo Mills Texas, it is about 40 miles east of Dallas just 2ish miles north of I-30 inside the Caddo Mills Municipal Airport.

From Dallas just go east on IH 30 to Royce City exit on 548 and go north 1/2 mile to 66 and turn right.  Go to CR 2617 and go  right, choose the center fork in the road and you will be at the DZ in 1/2 mile.